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Are the beans you use in your products non-GMO (genetically-modified organisms)

Per the Bean Improvement Cooperative (BIC), there are currently no commercially produced or imported GMO-beans in the U.S. This includes all commercial varieties of dry and snap beans.

Beans are a recalcitrant species (unlike corn, tomatoes or soybeans); thus, have not been amenable to genetic engineering or modification from other genetic sources. No Genetically Modified-GM or transgenic beans have been generated commercially in the United States, so currently all commercial dry bean classes grown in the United States are not genetically modified.

Are your beans soaked before being used in your products?

All of the beans are soaked at least 8 hours before we use them in any of our products. For more information about the benefits of soaking beans, checkout this informational article.

Are your products spicy?

Our products are not spicy or ‘hot’, but they are incredibly flavorful! All of our ingredients are listed in our products section.

What makes black beans Cuban?

Black beans are a staple in Cuban food. Cubans eat black beans as a meal or as a side dish. It is how the beans are prepared and served that makes them oh so Cuban… and so flavorful!

Do your containers contain BPA (Bisphenol A)?

All of our containers are BPA free.

Where can I buy del Carmen products?

Del Carmen products can be found at numerous locations around the St. Louis, MO metropolitan area. Please see our locations page for more details: Where to Buy